Keston Church of England Primary School


"We made our own animations about he Stone Age using iPads. It was so much fun!"

- Year 3 Pupil

Computing is taught across the school as a subject in its own right with three distinct strands: Computer Science, Information Technology (IT) and Digital Safety.   

From Year 1 through to Year 6, we teach the Computing National Curriculum by following the Teach Computing scheme of work from the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE). In their Computing lessons, the children learn how to create digital media (e.g. draw in Year 1, make music in Year 2, design posters in Year 3 and websites in Year 6), how to edit photos and videos (in Year 4) and how to program (using Floor Robots and Scratch Junior in Key Stage One and Scratch in Key Stage Two). Through this experience of Computing, the children also learn how to keep themselves safe when using various forms of technology.  

As well as being taught as a subject in its own right, the children have opportunities to participate in lessons where Computing is used to support and enrich learning in other areas of the curriculum. We have sets of iPads and Chromebooks which can be used around the school, as well as a room-based Computer suite. As the technological landscape is ever changing, we look to ensure that our lessons and the technology we use with the children, reflects this.  

It is our aim that the children at Keston leave primary school equipped with the Computing knowledge, skills and confidence they need to thrive in the modern digital world. 

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