Keston Church of England Primary School


2020 saw the introduction of the White Rose scheme of work in school, which is used alongside a range of other resources to provide a stimulating and thought provoking approach towards mathematical learning. The White Rose scheme uses the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach (CPA) . Children are encouraged to use manipulatives, followed by pictures and finally equations in their maths journey in order to develop a deeper understanding of the key mathematical concepts.

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How can I help my child at home with Maths?

White Rose states that….”We believe that every child can succeed in maths, and one of the most important building blocks for success is a positive mindset. It’s therefore essential to help your child feel positive about maths at home too. For example, you can talk to your child about the maths they are working on in school and encourage them to show you the methods they’ve learned. There are lots of opportunities to help build this positive mindset, because we use mathematical concepts and procedures many times in our daily lives, often without realising that it’s maths! You could talk about the amount of money you have when you go shopping, how much the items cost and how much you have left after you’ve paid the bill. When baking, encourage your child to read the recipe and measure out the ingredients accurately and when you’re travelling, discuss location and direction.”

This is a viewpoint shared by all of us at Keston. We also set regular maths homework for all children, appropriate for their age, which consolidates, reinforces and extends the pupils’ learning completed that week.

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