Keston Church of England Primary School


"We get to sing and play different instruments. We have been composing on Glockenspiel this term!"

- Year 2 Pupil

At Keston CE Primary School we are MUSICIANS! Music is taught across the school and lessons are tied in with each of the class topics wherever possible. Class music lessons use a variety of stimuli as a starting point for compositions and children have a wide choice of classroom percussion instruments and all children sing regularly within their class and as a whole school. As a school, we follow the SPARKYARD scheme to ensure that our children have many opportunities to listen to, appraise, compose with, learn and then perform the songs from a variety of different genres of music.

Whole school singing Assembly on a Thursday afternoon fully supports our Values-based Education, and includes songs from other cultures, action songs, harmony songs, ‘pop’ songs as well as traditional hymns. Through these Assemblies children are also exposed to a wide variety of composers and genres of music.

We have a school choir currently open to KS2 children. There are many opportunities for the choir to perform throughout the school year, and you can often see them at school celebrations and fetes.

Each year we have great fun singing as part of the Young Voices Choir at the O2 Arena!

Children have the opportunity to learn instruments taught peripatetically by experienced teachers from BYMT, piano lessons in particular are very popular.

If your child is interested in having 1:1 music lessons in any instrument, please express your interest at the school office.

Last year, several children signed up to join a ‘RockSteady’ band in which they took on the roles of Guitarist, Drummer, Keyboard Player or singer in their band. They are already sounding amazing!

We are also excited to announce that this year, Year 3 will begin to learn the Recorder and Year 5 will learn to play Djembe drums!

Click here to view the whole-school Progression map for Music.

Click here to view the whole-school Long Term Plan for Music.