Keston Church of England Primary School


"We have a variety of different things we learn in French. I like learning the actions. I think the games and the songs are fantastiques!"

- Year 5 Pupil 

At Keston, French is taught by a French specialist, starting in year 2. Key Stage 2 lessons are 1 hour a week and we cover the DFE languages Programme of study. 

Our curriculum covers a range of topics, such as counting, colours, parts of the body, weather expressions, clothing items, dates and days, pets, sports and ordering in a café. 

We make the lessons as entertaining as possible, in order to foster a positive attitude to language learning, whilst a multi-sensory and kinesthetic approach, with actions for example, serves as reinforcement. 

We build all children’s confidence through reassurance and praise for the contribution they make in the foreign language, however tentative. Most tasks are differentiated, providing support to those that need it and challenging those that can go further. 

The curriculum ensures progress in each of the 3 pillars of language learning (vocabulary acquisition, knowledge of grammar and phonic awareness) across the 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). This prepares pupils for their future learning in secondary school. 

French culture is embraced, for example, the whole school comes together annually to celebrate Epiphany "à la française". The class finding the "fève" in their slice of cake become kings and queens for the day and are allowed to choose a royal privilege and in the past, this has even included a non-uniform day. 

World Book Day is also celebrated, often by reading a book (such as 10 Little Seeds or Bark George) together in French. The children are encouraged to join in or predict what will come next. 

Recently, we have added a French singing assembly to our events, in which each class showcases the song that they have enjoyed most from their lessons that year. However, we often don't wait until the, as some classes are known to spontaneously burst into their favourite song during the lesson. 

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